It’s a good idea to evaluate your wellness habits when the days grow shorter and cooler. Are you making every effort to keep safe and healthy during those chilly months?

The flu (or “influenza”) is a contagious viral infection of the respiratory system that can result in a high temperature, body aches, and infection. It is one of the major health hazards at this time of year. The peak flu season is between December and March, although flu season typically lasts longer and there are many more cases reported.

Everyone agrees that the flu is not fun and, for individuals with weakened immune systems, even lethal. In fact, 10,000 people were hospitalized for the flu and there were 5,000 flu related deaths during the 2021–2022 season.

How can you lower your risk then? You might be surprised to hear that scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor at Ultra Chiropractic in Seattle is all it takes.

How does chiropractic care lower the chance of getting the flu?

Regular chiropractic adjustments have many benefits, including lowered pain and increased mobility. The body’s main weapon against infection, your immune system, can be strengthened by chiropractic care, something many people are unaware of.

Your body is better equipped to fend off infectious conditions like the flu when your immune system is functioning properly. Elderly people and very young children naturally have poorer immune systems, but anyone’s response to infection can be weakened by factors like stress, poor food, chronic sickness, sedentary lifestyles, and damaged central nervous systems.

The goal of a chiropractic adjustment is to optimize your spine and the rest of your musculoskeletal system. Our qualified and authorized chiropractors may assist in making sure that your spine is correctly aligned, facilitating improved spinal cord function, a vital component of your central nervous system. Your immune system and central nervous system continually connect, so when one is out of balance, the other suffers. This results in a weakened immune system.

The stress-relieving effects of chiropractic care can support the development of a robust immune system, and by ensuring that your central nervous system is functioning normally, chiropractic can help your body get ready for the demands of daily life. When the central nervous system is compromised, as it is when your spine is misaligned or you experience joint pain, your body has a harder time handling stress and you are more susceptible to diseases like the flu.

Other strategies to fend off the flu this season

Always start by discussing the best strategies to lower your chance of getting the flu this season with your doctor.

In general, getting vaccinated against the flu is a fantastic approach to protect yourself from this nasty virus. The vaccine is available at your doctor’s office as well as convenient places like Costco or CVS.

The same aspects of a healthy lifestyle that we frequently mention, such as eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, practicing stress management techniques, and getting enough sleep, will all help boost your immune system and lower your chance of getting the flu.

A Healthier You: Chiropractic Care and Flu Prevention

Chiropractic care has many health benefits. It can support you in feeling your best when combined with the other components of a healthy lifestyle.  At Ultra Chiropractic, we proudly serve clients in Seattle and surrounding communities with expert, individualized chiropractic services. Are you looking for a chiropractor? Give Ultra Chiropractic a call to schedule an appointment today.

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